A Quick Update : Week 1 of FCA and COVID-19

**This post may seem wordy, compared to our other posts,  but please read as we want you know what FCA is doing.  


What has FCA been doing this week if we can’t get to schools?

  • Calling and texting each of our coaches with encouragement and prayers.
  • Staff are meeting virtually to continue regular huddle meetings.
  • Talking with staff from all over to share creative ideas for ministry.
  • Posting daily on social media with encouraging words and the gospel.
  • Daily prayer calls with regional staff for our country, our world and the ministry before us.
  • FCA National Support is working to create #FCAVIRTUAL to make it easier for all of us to stay connected.
  • The FCA Coaches Challenge continues.  It’s a daily/weekly bible reading group for coaches.  If you aren’t signed up and want to be, please go HERE.

What does this mean for upcoming FCA events?

  • All events are cancelled for the foreseeable future.
    • The WVU Banquet with Neal Brown will be rescheduled when safe to do so.  Tickets purchased for the March 23rd event will be good on the new date.
  • Events in May are under consideration.
    • Tim Britton has a golf outing scheduled for May 9th.  He is still taking registrations and sponsorships and will reschedule if not allowed to play by then.
    • Eric Brookes has a banquet in Huntington that will likely be postponed.  Final decision and date coming soon.
    • The FCA Night of Champions with Darryl Strawberry will be moved to September 21, 2020.  Same time and your tickets/sponsorships are being moved to that night.
  • No decision on summer camps at this time.  We are watching the situation and checking on venues (schools) to see what they will do over the summer.   **Please pray specifically for camps to happen.**
  • All meetings are being held via Zoom.  (Upcoming board meeting on April 13th will be moved to Zoom)

We want you to know that we are not stopping.  We are adjusting and learning new ways to meet needs.  It is the commitment of FCA to continue with our mission and vision and meet coaches and athletes where they are with the good news of the gospel.


Jesus’ death on the cross won our victory over death and the grave.  We have hope to offer to a frightened world and it is our commitment to do just that.

 Please unite with us in your prayers and in your continued giving.

 We need your partnership to stay strong.

Please continue your regular giving (checks are being received and processed) and perhaps consider a special gift at this time to help us keep focus on the ministry and not the business of FCA.

CLICK HERE or on the state logo to donate.

This is a photo of our regional staff (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia).  We covet your prayers!