Honoring a Legend

Honoring Coach Bowden — FCA Friend and Partner

Those that knew Coach Bowden as their coach, speak of his faith and how it dramatically impacted their lives.  The privilege and rarity of having an outspoken Christian as a coach is an experience that left so many changed forever.  

Coach Bowden was always challenging his players and those in his influence to decide what they would do with Jesus and calling them to make the life-saving decision to trust Him as their Savior.    Coach was a strong FCA partner and loved the ministry that gave him the platform to share his faith.

Even in his passing, the funeral was used to point people to Jesus and call them to make the best decision possible, the decision to follow Jesus.  His wife, in her tribute to him, mentioned FCA and his passion for the ministry.

FCA lost a great partner and friend.  If you would like to honor his memory with a gift of any kind to FCA, please follow this LINK and choose the WV office you would like to support.  It is just a small way to carry on such a great legacy!