FCA-WV Huddles

What is an FCA Huddle?

A Team Huddle is a targeted study within a unique individual team setting/environment that encourages and challenges team members to live and compete according to biblical principles. 

The Team Huddle can be organized to include one or both of the following elements:

  • Weekly Team Devotion – organized to occur around practice times or whatever works best for the team schedule.
  • Team Chapel – A game-day gathering designed for athletes and coaches to experience a time of spiritual devotion and fellowship.


Huddles connect team members on your campus and in your community

More resources and information on Huddles are available on the National FCA Website.

Every adult involved needs a Ministry Leader Application https://mla.fca.org

Huddle Video Resources

Huddle Overview

Huddle Prepare

Huddle Plan

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Huddle Structure

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