Meet the Team

Meet our FCA Team — Keith Tyler — State Director


Keith has been with FCA for 20 years.  He began as an Area Rep in Charleston and now serves as our State Director.  Keith’s main role is working with current staff, cultivating new staff, as well as new donors and ministry opportunities.   Keith still visits some huddles in the Charleston area, partly because we have more than any one person could handle and partly because he loves it.  Getting out in the field refreshes the vision and the drive to keep going when days are hard.

Keith and his wife Cathy are happily married, enjoy serving in their church and caring for their family.  They have two daughters and one lovely granddaughter.  Keith enjoys working on his golf game in his free time.

Some of his favorite treats include Tim Horton’s coffee and Chick-fil-A cookies!

Give Keith a call today if you have any questions or desire to help with the ministry of FCA in our wild and wonderful state!