Night of Champions — Recap

For those of you that were able to attend or that sponsored this event to help us make it accessible to the public…THANK YOU!   It was a great day with many new faces at the evening event, which was exactly what we hoped would happen!


The day began with a Sponsor Luncheon, VIP photos with Darryl (which he INSISTED upon autographing each one…WOW), and a great talk from Darryl as well.  At the luncheon we also honored two of our newest Tom Landry Associates, John Jarrett of Jarrett Construction and Kevin Kemerer or Precision Pump.   They were both so open and quick to come on board at this level and we are so thankful for them.  Donors that are able to give at this level really help the ministry be stable and able to grow and focus on ministry.


The evening event was great!  We saw more than 150 at Bible Center and a lot were new faces to us!  Darryl gave a great talk and presented the gospel so clearly and effectively.  He was such a joy to host and even stayed around and let people come up and talk to him afterwards.


Also at the evening event, we honored Jess and Mary Kuhl as our 2021 Impact Award recipients.  Jess and Mary and their families have been constants in FCA for decades.  Jess was a student leader at UC and then went on to be come staff (serving in Wyoming and here in WV as State Director) and now is a board member, donor and volunteer.  All with Mary right by his side.  They’ve raised their kids in FCA and now those kids are becoming student leaders when they are able and are sharing the gospel with their friends through the ministry of FCA.

It was a fantastic day! Thank you all that made it possible and a special thank you to Kelly Castleberry that led our committee in organizing this event. Thanks to all the committee members that worked to reach our goals. And thank you, again, to all our sponsors!!! Looking forward to another event with this format soon!!