Refreshed and Refocused

The staff around the state had the honor to join our other regional staff for a time of meeting and training this week in Ft Wayne, Indiana.

We were lead by Kraig Cabe our VP of Field Ministry. He enlisted help from staff to lead worship and help us consider “best practices” for our ministries. We also heard from Donovan Coley, a local ministry leader, and he challenged us to Resolve and then to hold to our resolve when tested.

There was great times of worship, fellowship, knowledge and, of course, food!

Keith was asked to lead a time of commissioning prayer for our new staff. Here in WV we have 2 and it was a blessing to pray with them and ask God to use them and protect them.

We even won a few prizes…

The time ended with a group prayer and blessing from Kraig and Rick Isaiah.

We’re back and ready to go and we feel better equipped to serve our staff, donors, coaches, students and volunteers!