Staff Spotlight: Quarantine Style with Kathleen Moles

How is Kathleen doing in the Quarantine??

Kathleen is the Administrative Assistant for the State Office.  She assists Keith Tyler directly, but helps all members of the state as needed.

Kathleen was asked the following questions.  Below each are his answers.

  1. How is God using COVID to impact your walk with Him?
    • God has used quarantine time to really solidify surrender in my heart.  He’s been working on me with that for a while and had he not done some hard things in my life prior to this crisis, I would not have been as ok I as I have been.  I’m so grateful that our God knows what we need and when we need it.  I’m reminded that he’s in control and that all I can do is live each moment with the hope to glorify Him in it.  Lots of moments I fail, but there’s always a chance to try again.
  2. What is something you’re looking forward to doing once the restrictions are lifted?
    • I can’t wait to hug my people!  My parents and in-laws and my church family and TVCS friends.  Ya’ll better watch out!  You’re gonna get squeezed!
  3. What is the first restaurant you’ll eat at when you can go in and sit down?
    •  I’m pretty good with the food, but I sure do want a haircut and color!  But if I can say anything about food, I would like to go to Columbus and get some Ethiopian food.  YUM!
  4. What habit/lifestyle change from the quarantine time do you hope to hang on to?
    • I have been able to connect more with my kids and my husband.  I’ve enjoyed being home.  We were running the roads most days from sun up to sun down.  I hope we don’t return to being as “busy” as we were, but if we do I hope that it’s for quality things.
  5. What’s been your favorite pastime/sanity break during quarantine?
    • I take walks….lots of walks!


Kathleen’s Quarantine look!  Taking a cue from Eric with a meaningful sign in the background!