Staff Spotlight: Quarantine Style with Keith Tyler

How is Keith doing in the Quarantine??

Keith is our State Director for West Virginia FCA and therefore serves the entire state.

Keith was asked the following questions.  Below each are his answers.

  1. How is God using COVID to impact your walk with Him?
    • I have been spending more time in the Word and in prayer.  I’ve also been able to minister to my family more.
  2. What is something you’re looking forward to doing once the restrictions are lifted?  (Doesn’t have to be FCA related…)
    • I can’t wait to reconnect with my church family in person!
  3. What is the first restaurant you’ll eat at when you can go in and sit down?
    • Tim Hortons!!
  4. What habit/lifestyle change from the quarantine time do you hope to hang on to?
    • I hope to keep time carved out to really study the word, not just read it.  And I’d also like to prioritize more time with my wife.
  5. What’s been your favorite pastime/sanity break during quarantine?
    • Lots of prayer walks.  I’ve played golf (safely). And time with my grand baby always makes me feel better!


Keith’s new Quarantine look.