Staff Spotlight: Quarantine Style with Tim Britton

How is Tim doing in the Quarantine??

Tim is our Area Rep serving Kanawha and surrounding counties.

Tim was asked the following questions.  Below each are his answers.

  1. How is God using COVID to impact your walk with Him?
    • God has taught me to spend more time in His word!  I’ve realized that I have been so busy doing “ministry” that I will often let my alone time with God wait.  Not anymore!
  2. What is something you’re looking forward to doing once the restrictions are lifted?  (Doesn’t have to be FCA related…)
    • I can’t wait to get back to seeing all the kids and coaches that I miss so much!
  3. What is the first restaurant you’ll eat at when you can go in and sit down?
    • Locally, it will be Recovery Sports Grill.  First road trip will be to PF Changs!
  4. What habit/lifestyle change from the quarantine time do you hope to hang on to?
    • I hope to continue eating out less.  I’ve lost 15 pounds!!
  5. What’s been your favorite pastime/sanity break during quarantine?
    • Spending time sitting on my back porch reading, praying and being thankful for the awesome people God has placed in my life.


Tim’s Quarantine look.