Update from FCA in West Virginia

Here’s what’s going on in WV this week.

  • Keith Tyler had the opportunity to be on WQBE and was specifically asked to lead in prayer for our area.
  • Tim Britton had a student reach out for prayer and he was able to connect with he and his dad.
  • Staff have had the ability to connect virtually with people that are not normally willing to connect in person.
  • Brian Young had 34 in his Concord College FCA huddle on Tuesday night.  4 of those are athletes that have never attended a meeting in the past.  They loved it and plan to attend from now on!
  • A Huddle leader at WVU was touched by the Kirk Cousins Huddle Up last week and especially the challenge to read God’s word.  They have started a separate group with those from the WVU huddle that have committed to reading the entire bible in 2 years.  They are posting scriptures that stood out to them each day!
  • Keith attended the Nitro HS virtual huddle.  There were 19 present, including the principal.
  • Tim is hosting a Zoom huddle for the kids and coaches at South Charleston coming up soon.
  • Eric has met with multiple huddles this week.  Below is a photo from the Teays Valley Christian huddle.

  • FCA continues to train and equip staff.  On Tuesday we talked about best practices as we continue to seek relationship with those the support us.  It was an informative time about how we as staff can help to meet our donor’s needs as many are in trying financial times and have many tough decisions to make.  Our own former State Director, Mike Miller, was part of that call and offered great advice.