WV Hoops Classic — Dec 13-14

Would you like to be a part of HOOPS???  We need you!



The Annual WV Hoops Classic is coming soon on December 13-14!  This year, due to a schedule conflict, we are playing at the old WV Tech gym in Montgomery, now operated by the Y.  The teams coming are seeking sponsors so that their fans can get in for free!  We have 7 teams left that need sponsors.  Would you or someone you know like to cover one???

For the sponsorship fee of $250 per team ($300 if it is two teams from the same school)

  • all fans for that team enter free
  • name/logo of the sponsor is on the Classic banner that will hang all weekend
  • Sponsor recognized in that game’s announcements
  • option to present the MVP plaque to that team

The teams left that need sponsors are the ones NOT shaded.

(Elk Valley, Roane Co., Calhoun Co., Capital, Beth Haven (x2…so $300), Pikeview and Nitro)

If you’d be interested in sponsoring, please send Kathleen an email at kmoles@fca.org.  Thank you!